Fun facts – Computers and IT

What are the smallest computers in the world? What are the most powerful computer systems? Are there bizarre types of computers and computer mice? Which viruses you have to watch most? What are the stupidest things you can do with your computer?

Computer mice you can buy in different shapes and colors. Thus there are computer mice in the form of an airplane, a car, a naked woman, a joystick, a chocolate bar and a telephone. The most beautiful computer mouse is probably the world which exists inside a snow globe, though, the wooden mouse is on an earned second place. Did you know that there are computer mice that can record a conversation and computer mouse you can control with your feet? The latest bizarre new trend is soap in the form of a computer mouse. Read more »


Share your Internet

As part of the economic crisis, it is increasingly a sport to share the Internet with people in the area. Especially if you live in an apartment, it is relatively easy to share your Internet connection with neighbors.

The moment an ADSL connection is connected to a hub or a switch can connect multiple computers on the Internet. If you live in a house with multiple occupants, or in a flat it is easy to install cables to the hub or switch to connect. For this we have seen many examples. The cables go through the balcony, the wall or just under the door. This way you can easily have four computers at an Internet connection. This is a very simple setup and Internet costs may simply be pushed through this installation.

If you have access to a wireless network is much easier to share the Internet connection. The big advantage of a wireless network is that you do not need to use cables for connection to the network. By using a wireless hub or router, people can easily use the Internet. Read more »


SolarWinds IT Management Software For Networks

The Orion Network Performance Monitor is SolarWinds most advanced network management solution. SolarWinds IT management software was designed to be flexible and scalable to any size or type of business with network needs. The Orion software allows users to monitor the performance and availability of networks, and it maps the locations of technical issues in order to facilitate a fast diagnoses and repair of the malfunction. Helpful features like a traffic analyzer and a user device tracker make customers forget what it was like before they had them.
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