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What are the smallest computers in the world? What are the most powerful computer systems? Are there bizarre types of computers and computer mice? Which viruses you have to watch most? What are the stupidest things you can do with your computer?

Computer mice you can buy in different shapes and colors. Thus there are computer mice in the form of an airplane, a car, a naked woman, a joystick, a chocolate bar and a telephone. The most beautiful computer mouse is probably the world which exists inside a snow globe, though, the wooden mouse is on an earned second place. Did you know that there are computer mice that can record a conversation and computer mouse you can control with your feet? The latest bizarre new trend is soap in the form of a computer mouse.

The U.S. government is currently working on a breakthrough in the field of computer science: a supercomputer. The device will be used by the NNSA (Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration) will be ten times faster than the most powerful computers. This computer will ensure that NNSA resolves very urgent scientific problems in a very short time. So it will need less than an hour to perform a calculation for which the whole world would need 320 years if every day at 24 hours 24 hours would work. IBM will develop supercomputer for these two systems. The first system is Sequoia, a 20 petaflop / s system based on the BlueGene technology. The second is a 500 Teraflop / s BlueGene / P system that bears the name Dawn.

Computers and PCs are becoming smaller and bring brand new versions each year on the market so small that you hardly use them. The Space Cube is an example of Asus small square of five to five inches. The PC runs on Linux and is in possession of various ports (including a USB port, a VGA connection, a Space Wire port and a D-SUB RS232). Nevertheless, the Space Cube has Asus on a 300 Mhz processor, 16 MB Flash memory and Red Hat operating system that runs from a Compact Flash memory card 1 Gb. The Space Cube Asus is ideal for travel. The only problem is to find a window on the PC to connect.

You can buy computers in different shapes and colors. How about a computer in a bottle of whiskey, a computer in a fur coat (but beware of overheating and fire hazard), a computer in the form of a Star Wars robot or a computer in the form of an amusement park attraction?

Most extreme and bizarre computer virus world
Finally, an overview of the most bizarre and extreme computer viruses in the world:

Alzheimer’s disease virus :make your computer forget where the files are saved
Bill Gates virus : searches for the most bizarre and extreme properties of the other viruses on the Internet
Birthday virus : set your clock each time one year ahead
Child virus : Does constant nasty things, but most people find the virus too cute to permanently remove
Dolly Parton virus : make your computer screen appear larger
Ellen Degeneres virus v 2.0 : ensures that no more CDs can be inserted into your computer
Watergate virus : deletes the last 18 minutes of memory on your computer
Ollie North virus v 2.0 : play patriotic songs off while destroying files
X-Files virus : makes sure that all the icons on your computer constantly change shape
Teenager virus : your PC stops every 30 seconds to ask you give him some money
Slacker Virus : Uses 80% of all available space on your hard disk


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