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As part of the economic crisis, it is increasingly a sport to share the Internet with people in the area. Especially if you live in an apartment, it is relatively easy to share your Internet connection with neighbors.

The moment an ADSL connection is connected to a hub or a switch can connect multiple computers on the Internet. If you live in a house with multiple occupants, or in a flat it is easy to install cables to the hub or switch to connect. For this we have seen many examples. The cables go through the balcony, the wall or just under the door. This way you can easily have four computers at an Internet connection. This is a very simple setup and Internet costs may simply be pushed through this installation.

If you have access to a wireless network is much easier to share the Internet connection. The big advantage of a wireless network is that you do not need to use cables for connection to the network. By using a wireless hub or router, people can easily use the Internet.

The wireless hub or router works by sending signals to another computer with a special adapter to be received. Many modern computers and laptops are now equipped with such adapters.
Basically, anyone can use the wireless network where it is available. However, using the security that a router or a hub is installed it is relatively easy access to the Internet rights to set.

The range of a wireless network is approximately 30 meters. However, the range of a wireless network does depend on the number of such walls and doors. For some of wireless hubs and routers it is also possible to buy accessories to increase the range of the wireless network significantly.

Yet there are some drawbacks. The moment when one of your fellow users shall download a lot of heavy web applications the chances are that your Internet connection will be considerably slower. Also, people further out of the network are experiencing a slower connection.

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